Bryn Raw-Rees
Based in Ceredigion, West Wales

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Everything I love revolves around the ocean. I started surfing in 1993 aged 13 which in many ways has shaped my life. I watched Taylor Steele's "Sipping Jetsreams" in 2006 which inspired me. It was the first time I'd seen surfing filmed from above with a helicopter. I started flying drones in 2012 with a dream to one day travel the world doing it commercially.  After 10 years of spatial analysis for the civil service I needed a change, I needed to be more creative. I quit my job and went to Bondi Beach for 6 months where I launched Bondi Drone Surfing on facebook. Finally in 2017 I got my permission for commercial operations from the civil aviation authority, and can't wait to see where it takes me.