Blueskycam offer a multitude of aerial imagery services as well as full photo & video editing and production services. Whether you need some simple stills of a property, a photorealistic 3d model, or a full blown end to end promotional video - Blueskycam can help. We are fully licensed & insured and have obtained a PfCO ( Permisssion for commercial operations) from the Civil Aviation Authority. Without these any commercial work with a drone is illegal.

Drones offer an amazing opportunity to capture data using all 3 dimensions, furthermore the third party technology that is being introduced to compliment the UAV industry is breathtaking in its potential. BlueSkyCam actively monitor and trial all emerging UAV technologies.

Aerial Photography - High Resolution still photography from the air. BlueSkyCam also offer aerial panorama photgraphy which can show so much more than a single still.

Aerial Cinematography - UHD 4k footage from above. BlueSkyCam can be hired as a standalone cinematographer or as part of a larger production team. We have experience working in a range of environments with different workflows, formats, framerates etc. 

Aerial Surveying - Utilising third party technology to create super high resolution geo-referenced orthomosaics up to 1cm per pixel.

Marine Aerials - BlueSkyCam specialise in offshore operations for boat hire/sales, commercial trips, regattas etc.

3d modelling - Using cutting edge photogrammetry software to turn hundreds of stills into photorealistic, geo-referenced, projected 3d models.

Promotional video production - BlueSkyCam use high end Apple workstations along with top end editing software from Apple & Adobe. Video marketing is THE best solution in today's market and BlueSkyCam can help you create a slick corporate video complete with branded animations, calls to action, social media links etc.

Precision Agriculture - Using third party software to create false NDVI images which show plant health and can quickly and cheaply help identify agricultural areas that need attention.

Digital mapping consultation - Combining BlueSkyCam's UAV technology with its background in remote sensing and GIS we aim to create super high resolution orthomosaics as well as digitisation services. Huge areas can be surveyed and digitised in a very short time into a range of GIS formats to aid in subsidy applications/disputes, forestry surveying, remedial agriculture cases etc. 

Live event broadcasting - BlueSkyCam utilise cutting edge UAV technology that now has the potential to broadcast LIVE to youtube or facebook (dependent on good mobile signal stength)

Events & Security - BlueSkyCam can offer an unparalleled view of your event as well as being able to provide security teams with realtime imagery of borders/fences etc.

News/events needing rapid response & footage - BlueSkyCam can offer a super-fast turnaround service for emerging events. High resolution stills and broadcast ready footage ready within minutes.

Whatever your needs might be or even if you're not sure if aerial imagery can assist your project, get in touch. We will endeavour to respond quickly and are happy to converse in English or Welsh.